HPSCHD: Music Machine Eight Centuries Old – a lecture-performance

Sunday, 13.11.2022, 19:00

Fanny Hensel-Saal
Hochschule für Musik und Theater
Harvestehuder Weg 12, 20148 Hamburg

“HPSCHD: Music Machine Eight Centuries Old” is a Hamburg Open Online University (hoou.de) project about harpsichord. It consists of a number of videos and texts and is currently in it’s final stages before publishing. In these, we are answering questions such as: Which kinds of keyboard instruments were there in the past? How did they differ? What music was written for these instruments and how do composers use the harpsichord nowadays? We also talk about how to play the instruments, what kind of problems can occur and how do you find solutions for them.

So, while we continue with the post-production of our videos, we would like to invite you to attend the live-event in the frame of this project. We will listen to and discuss early music pieces from the 16th to the 18th centuries as well as contemporary classical music written for the harpsichord in the second half of the 20th century.


Jean-Henri d’Anglebert (1629 – 1691). Suite in g minor

Christoph Hohlfeld (1922 – 2010) Fantasy for two Manual Harpsichord

Antonio de Cabezón (1510 – 1566) Diferencias sobre ‘El Canto del Caballero

Carlo Gesualdo da Venosa ( 1566 – 1613) Canzon franzese del Principe

William Byrd (1539/40 – 1623) Pavana Lachrymæ

Louis Andriessen (1939 – 2021) Overture to Orpheus

Joseph-Nicolas-Pancrace Royer (1703 – 1755)
L’Incertaine (Marqué)
La Bagatelle
La Sensible, rondeau

Entrance: free of charge